About Us

Suraci Corp is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to its customers, each of whom we consider partners.  Industrial and production coating services have been in our family for four generations; beginning early in the nineteen hundreds with our great-grandfather, Dominic Suraci.  Dominic painted horse drawn carriages and later moved on to automobiles.  The Suraci family takes the coating processes and its other finishing services very seriously, because it is part of our family name and heritage.  Since our great-grandfather began, our family has been evolving its businesses with changes in technologies leading to the present.

In addition to the many techniques that have been handed down to the present generation, there are some basic business principles that have been handed down as well.  One of these is our recognition that our customers’ or partners’, are the most important aspect of our business.  Our goal is to understand our partners’ needs and provide them with proper recommendations.  In doing this, we have found that we have saved our partners’ money, improved the overall quality of their products, and cut down their lead times.  

With the vast experiences of our family, quality has also been a constant.  This enables us to concentrate on another important principle, service.  It is our most cherished principle and one that we will never stop improving upon.  We focus on service each and every workday.  We are aware that finishing in manufacturing is one of the most important stages and usually the last one.  For that reason, we designed our business to offer fast turnover times to ensure that our partners’ are not delayed in the final stages of their product. 

Low costs enable our partners’ to make profits and as such, competitive pricing is yet another principle we adhere too.  Utilizing our experiences and resources in the industry allows us to find the latest breakthroughs in materials that are both cost effective and of the highest quality.  Also, we can offer lower costs to our partners’ because of the strategic method in which we apply our coatings and finishes without sacrificing quality.  Lastly, our plant layout is designed specifically for an uninterrupted workflow throughout the various coating processes. 

 Applying all the lessons of the past, we have gained the current reputation as the “can do” company that will go the extra mile to get the job done, and done well.  We feel that our current expansion plans are well suited to employ the latest in technology, efficiency, and our core business principles.  I look forward to the opportunity to support your needs and am confident that we can surpass all of your expectations.   


Marc & Bruno Suraci founded Suraci Corp twenty three years ago and they have work on building and cementing their family's reputation in the coating industry. Currently they own and manage several divisions that make up their coating group with each one leading in its respective sector. Click on the description to go to each companies' respective web site.

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